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Full list of quests, compliments of Jaradis: httpsi accidentally say 'west', meant to say east, whoops. pretty much all of the boss quests chain into the next one, gotta do em in order.

Elephants and Camels Guide | BDFoundry The permit costs 30 million silver and will unlock the rest of the quest line. If the quest does not show up, press “O” to open your quest log and make sure “all quests” is selected at the bottom. Go back to Serazad at Shakatu village and complete 2 gathering quests: [Villa] Freshly Scooped Cool Water BDO Beginners Guide (Black Desert Online 2019) Playing Black Desert Online for the first time can sometimes be overwhelming for newbies. There is so much to learn, but also so many new sights and adventures to discover! My sissy and I have created this Beginners Guide to help those just starting BDO, and for MMORPG fans considering a purchase of Black Desert Online. Carts and Wagons | Black Desert Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

[Black Desert Online] Guide: Failsafe Enchant Stacking

The Black Desert Online Guide to Inventory Management A character starting out in Black Desert Online has to cope with a mere 24 inventory slots and a similarly small storage unit per town and city. At first, I ground my teeth wondering if I should buy an eight-slot inventory expansion for real money in the cash shop which is an okay option if not exactly cheap. Inventory | Black Desert Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Storage in Black Desert comes in two flavors, bankbox-like warehouses and inventory.. Inventory is the storage capacity of a player, mount or vehicle carried around with them. . It can contain items and currency and has a number of features and filters like autosort et

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Black Desert Online Fishing Guide - Saarith Gaming Fishing in Black Desert Online can be a highly lucrative activity if done correctly. In this Black Desert Online fishing guide, I will go over every aspect of active fishing. If you are more interested in auto fishing I would still recommend reading this guide and then my auto fishing guide. To fish, you only ... Read moreBlack Desert Online Fishing Guide BDO All Inventory bag Expansion Quests in Black Desert Online Choice, Link to Quest, Level, Start NPC, Target NPC, Start Location, Reward. Choice1, Jarettes headache, Jarrett, Jarrett, Western Guard Camp, Bag space +1 .

Black Desert Online - Mystic Awakening Quests (Gameplay & Commentary) • TwitchBlack Desert is a sandbox-oriented massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss.Black Desert Online PVE For New Players - #6: Inventory Storage BasicsKali Gold.

TheLazyPeon 30:06Black Desert Online - Whatever Are you Doing Kyrandis? 11:55 Black Desert Online: Top 5 Ways To Earn Silver 10:35Black Desert Online - Strange Quirks and Things 17:46[ Black Desert Online] Gear Guide (Updated Beginner Guides Pt. Black Desert Online Inventory Expansion Quests - List of all… All exploits, cheats, and hacks should be reported to the Black Desert support team. r/ BlackDesertOnline only provides discussion and support forI can just not figure out how to get any quests from Deborah the Innkeeper wich results in an inventory slot Q. So from my side, there are... iOS - [Black Desert Online] Guide: Inventory Slot Quests