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U.S. Attorney General Nominee Says He Will Revisit DoJ’s Wire Act Clarification Obama’s Administration’s interpretation of the Wire Act law to allow online video poker, or poker ...

US Senators Push To Restore 1961 Wire Act and Ban Online… Top Poker News from all around the world.Senators Dianne Feinstein from California and Lindsey Graham from South Carolina sent a letter dated NovemberBoth Feinstein and Graham have been staunch lobbyists of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act Bill they introduced in the Senate in 2015. Louisiana Governor Opposed to Online Poker as Predatory… The best video poker game in a bar or truck stop in Louisiana has 12 times the house advantage of full pay Jacks or Better, a game available at all New Jersey regulated online casinos.He follows this with a discussion about the Wire Act opinion reversal. It seems he does not know what the Wire Act covers. Gambling Industry Get 60 More Days to Comply With Wire … According to an article released Thursday by Online Poker Report, the DOJ will be extending their compliance period an additional 60 days.All processes connected to online gambling must remain intrastate in order to meet new Wire Act guidelines. Businesses will now have an extra two months to...

The Wire Act has once again received a new interpretation after the US Department of Justice (DOJ) issued an updated opinion onEven legal experts aren’t precisely clear as to how the 2018 DOJ Wire Act opinion might impact the three states where online gambling and poker are currently operational.

Nevada Attorney General Supports RAWA - Gambling news Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt told Politico magazine’s contributing editor Jon Ralston that he will sign a letter with other Attorneys General supporting Sheldon Adelson’s Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA). National Governors Association Pens Letter To AG Jeff Sessions Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval was a signatory of a letter sent by the National Governors Association opposing federal action prohibiting online gambling.

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Nevada Attorney General Signs Letter To Trump Opposing … The letter concludes by imploring the president-elect and his team to help get a bill clarifying the Wire Act to include all forms of gambling throughIn the three states where online poker is legal, the local gaming commissions have strict regulations. Most sites require a Social Security Number in order to... U.S. Senators Speak Out Against Online Poker - PokerTube Graham asked him about the 1961 “Wire Act”.Hopefully the legal battle for online poker will go better in America than it did in Australia, where the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill was passed earlier this year, banning foreign operators to give online gambling service to Australian citizens.

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In a reply letter that was also issued Friday, the Justice Department said that while the new policyAnother federal law, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, made it illegal forWith the ruling that the Wire Act applies only to sports betting, the way is clear for in-state online poker... Online Poker Now | Wire Act Does not Have an effect on… Casino slots – Online casino. The Most Popular Online Slot Nowadays!Rostenstein’s memo states that Division of Justice attorneys must refrain from enforcing the revised Wire Act stance, which states that the legislation applies to all types of gambling and not just sports betting, on state lotteries till the... online gambling law | Lottery Post